Our new office was completed in Iran.

Our new office was completed in the capital of Tehran, Iran.

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The modern building become from the 8 floors .There are gallery at the first, second floor and our office at the fifth floor.
It is a comprehensive facility including an exclusive beauty salon.

The gallery feels a sense of quality and the cleanliness are displayed the carpets including the king of Silk of ‘Mohammad Jamshidi’.
We introduce the finest carpets which are selected by Mohsen Manafi our representative.

Millionaire Fair Moscow 2008

Millionaire Fair Moscow 2008

November27-30, 2008 in the third pavilion of International Exhibition Center “Crocus – Expo” (Moscow, Russia)

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This exhibition doesn’t have the purpose of sales.
Please feel free to enjoy of the carpet.
We are preparing tea.

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Please come to see the carpet by all means

The Japan Times paper publishing

The Japan Times paper publishing
The congratulation message from Mohsen of representative of our company for the 31th anniversary of Islamic revolution was published in The Japan Times pap

On this great occasion,?hwould like to convey our heartfelt greetings and best wishes to the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
For decades, Iran and Japan have maintained close relations in cultural, political, economic and other spheres.
Sine 1994,Persian World Co., Ltd., as a leading supplier of premium handmade Persian carpets in Japan, has been committed to further development and strengthening of such cooperation between the beauty of Iranian culture to Japanese people through unique carpet masterpieces.

We look forward to deepening mutual understanding, cultural exchange and economic relations for the benefits of both nations.

Treasured collection exhibition 2009Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in Tokyo

An exibition of the most precious Persian handmade carpets,was placed at Iran embassy in Tokyo on February 22~28.
There purpose of the exibition was to celeberate the 80th year of iran-japan cultural relations.
Dr.Davari,chairman of Tejarat Bank,and Dr.Araghchi, Iran ambassador in Tokyo visited the exibition.
During the recent decades, Iran and Japan tied in the economic,diplomatic andcultural domains.There is much hope to furthur expand of good relations,by organising more exhibitions,which present the Iranisn rich culture.
Persian World company has honour to arrange such exibitins and hope to provaide the field of expanding ralation in the future.

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